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Myths and porcelain peony

Author: Time:2015-07-23 Views:672
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Peony culture of origin, if from the "Book of Songs" Peony Poetry enter the date, date back some 3,000 years of history. Qin and Han's medicinal plant peony credited "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic", Peony has entered the pharmacy. Northern and Southern Dynasties, Northern Qi 杨子华 painting peonies, peony has entered the field of art.
According to historical records, Emperor construction in Luoyang Xiyuan, imperial country into the stone flower, peony easy to state into the twenty cases, planted in Xiyuan, since then, the peony into the royal gardens into horticulture. Tang Dynasty, peony poem many presents, Liu Yuxi's "only peony true national colors, bloom season, moving the capital," a household name; Li Bai's "cloud like clothes to spend like tolerance, Spring whisk threshold of thick dew" eternal farewell. Song Dynasty, in addition to the peony poems many come out, but also showing the peony monographs, such as Ouyang Xiu's "Luoyang Peony" You 'day Peng peony spectrum ", Qiu Jun's" Peony Honor and records, "Zhang Bangji," Chen states Peony "Wait. Yuan Yao then there is "order Peony", Ming Gao Lian of "peony spectrum", Wang Jin as the "florilegium" Xue Fengxiang of "Peony Bozhou history", Qing Wang Hao have "wide florilegium" Su Yu Mei has " Cao South peony spectrum ", Peng Yu are" Caozhou peony spectrum "and so on.
About peony found in various ages mingled, poetry Wenbin peony peony culture phenomenon text will set broad peony Huaxiang folk legends, as well as sculpture, sculpture, painting, music, theater, clothing, accommodation, food, etc., common.
In modern times, Xuewu creating a peony peony culture so porcelain and ceramic culture perfect combination of technology, from the field of three-dimensional peony into the porcelain. Peony with a new attitude into people's lives. Xuewu peony porcelain realistic modeling, easy cleaning and maintenance material. By domestic and foreign customers. Peony drive it home, no longer constrained by the geographical environment, normally open undefeated. The achievements of the myth peony and porcelain.